Ready or Not

The daffodils that bloomed in full glory these past few weeks are already starting to die.  I actually started to sweat yesterday, simply walking across campus in the afternoon.  Sun blazing, birds singing, tulips flaring, spring has arrived, even if slightly ahead of the equinox (or maybe more like a month ahead!).

This Lent for me hasn’t felt very dormant.  I’ve been reading my Sacred Space for Lent 2012 and Rev. Kate Moorehead’s Get Over Yourself; God’s Here.  This has been tremendous in helping me develop my daily practice.  On an internal level I hope it is stirring something, too.  I keep thinking that I shouldn’t complain that the weather in our region at least has been so pleasant this winter; maybe it saved many from seasonal depression.  Maybe it saved me.

My life is in a state of flux right now.  To a friend recently I likened it to confetti being thrown into the air.  Either we’re still flying up into the sky, or we’re caught in a freeze-frame.  I’m praying for a soft landing, a safe settling.  Transitions are what they are, and no one says they’re easy.

So, we carry on, moving forward, greeting each new day for what it is, what we hope it to be, hopefully without setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Some words from St. Ignatius have caught my attention more than once, so much so that I’ve flagged the page so I can re-read often.  I dare myself to live so courageously.

“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves into his hands, and let themselves be formed by his grace.”        ~ St. Ignatius

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