“Bringing the Awesome”

My husband’s birthday brought several meal-gatherings amongst our family and friends.  As our youngest said, “It’s your birthday again?!”

Much love and attention went to my dearest these past few days, and needless to say, the house and yard are looking great.  I am reminded time and again how important it is to take care of ourselves to best care for others.  It might seem like we’re just being annoying, but if something is at the top of our personal priority list, let it be done!  It will help get the other stuff done more quickly and with much less mumbling and complaining.  I’ll try to take that lesson to my next interaction with the kids.  (wish me luck!)

Hubby told his mother that he’s been “bringing the awesome” all the years of his life (which aren’t quite as many as mine).  A friend over dinner last night said that our birthdays are like personal new year’s; you can wish for yourself an abundance of blessings in this, the next year of your life.

Oh, that we could lavish attention and patience toward each other like every day were our birthday, that we felt self-confident enough to live every moment like we were “bringing the awesome” with love and joy.  Indeed, our home is richly blessed with awesomeness.  🙂

“Every day is a gift from God.  That’s why it’s called the Present.”

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