Home Day

There is a charm in planning out a week, having a shopping day, a wash day, cleaning day, etc.  Somehow, though, it seems like that system would just not work at all for my family.  Do many still have such a method?  How, I wonder, could it work for this family of six?

Then I realize, of course, that it depends upon simplicity.  When you have closets and drawers full of clothes, it takes more effort to keep them washed and put away.  With so much stuff, it takes more effort to keep it tidy and dusted.  With one person trying to keep up after herself and five others, the work becomes insurmountable.  I’d like to say I have a system, but my “system” barely keeps me afloat.  At least three loads of laundry per day.  At least one dishwasher full and some time for the hand-washable dishes.  Run-throughs at least twice a day to tidy.  A good day will see some sweeping and a quick vacuum.  (Did I mention a cat and a dog, too?)

But those are just daily chores.  What about the bouts of creativity?  Daughter would like a cover for her DS.  Sewing projects abound to be finished.  Christmas gifts?  Pottery bowls?  Twenty-four hours per day.

A couple of fellow moms lately have called me a super-mom.  Don’t be fooled, I warn them.  I may do much, but never all at the same time.

And today I have a home day . . . at least for the first half.  I have to balance what must be done with what I feel needs to be done to maintain that mysterious balance.  It does involve enlisting the help of minors in the cleaning department.

We can only do so much, but all must be done with a happy heart.

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