For Love of Bread

caseysbread03-09.jpgJust when I’m thinking I need to be reducing my wheat/gluten consumption, my husband’s passion for flour-based foods finds yet another outlet — Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

No, he doesn’t have it down to five minutes — yet.  Yes, it is delicious, and he’s just getting started.  He’s already made this concept of bread at least six times, one of which included making four (or was it six?) baguettes!

When it comes to food, bread is about as basic, nourishing and nurturing as it gets.  Sharing with others makes it even better.  So, if you happen my way, don’t be surprised if I offer some bread — that is, if the kids haven’t eaten it all. 

Now, we’ll have to see if we can bake it in the outdoor oven without burning it!

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