Craftiness and Creativity Abounds

Though my husband’s convinced that we don’t have enough time for our creativity, welotus close up.jpg manage to pull a few things off every now and then, and he still has enough hope to send me a few links now and again to keep the creativity well filled.  There’s a tutorial on making the pictured lotus pop-up card on Zakka Life — one of the new links and where the photo comes from.

The kiln is firing today, just finished actually, and we’ll see if anything blew up after all is cooled.  1800 degrees Farenheit is hot!

In my burst of organization, I’ve rearranged the former “school” room into even more of a “craft” room.  Some day maybe I’ll get up the nerve to call it a studio.  Who needs a dining room these days when nooks are more comfortable anyway?


We still have way too many books.  My hope is to get my fabric out and onto the shelves so I can see what I’ve got.  The larger tub under the table is full of sewing projects, and the tub on the table is my daughter’s quilt fabric . . . just waiting to be made . . . for two years now.

And, yes, some film editing is going on on the Community Access Television’s MacBookPro.  Our own mac is now over five years old.  We’ll upgrade the family one of these days and use what’s available in the meantime .  Many thanks to my hubby for sacrificing his laptop to replace the one I was using.  We tried to recycle!

Whatever you’re working on, may the autumn sunshine keep you motivated and energized until it’s time to sit down and get to work indoors.  Our soul work is neverending.

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