Living the Moment Spiritfully

Do I know if spiritfully is a word?  Not really.  For my purposes it works, and I think you understand what it means, too.

main4.jpgThis past weekend was the women’s retreat I’ve raved about before, and as ever, it was delightful, ethereal and truly blessed.  The retreat takes place up on a mountain, right on the edge.  You feel like you’re on top of the world.  You feel the natural high coming as soon as you start the drive up the mountain at the first curve.

Then, you have to come back down.  As a retreatant, you have to go back home and see how you can integrate your insight into daily life.  As someone working at the retreat, you have not only to integrate your insights but also manage the lack of adrenaline that has fueled you for the past four days, if not longer.

The book that was the springboard for discussion over the weekend, Take Time for Your Life, mentions that adrenaline is one of those things you can get in the habit of using as fuel, rather than all the healthy things that you should use, like sleep, a healthy diet and exercise.  I realize I’m just as guilty as many others at neglecting what is natural and healthy in favor of a quick fix or a bigger rush.  I mean, of course, that I’ll use a mid-day or late night coffee or soda for a pick-me-up or procrastinate and count on adrenaline to get me through.

As I make it through this day that is already filled to the brim, I realize that I have another option for fuel.  If I can take care of myself physically, then it will be easier to let Spirit take care of me mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The creativity will flow, the channel will be open, and I will be a good example for our children.  I took time this morning to sit for just under ten minutes.  That’s a start.

I make stupid choices, though.  (I use the word stupid intentionally.  In our house it’s a very bad word, one I don’t let the kids use habitually.)  I let my “things to do” get in the way of being truly present in the moment.  How often do we let the small stuff prevent us from living into our full potential?

During the homily at the retreat’s service, the weekend’s speaker asked us to take a moment to be still and think about what we wanted to ask the Spirit for.  I feel like the request is sacred, like a child making a wish, and if I tell you, I take away the magic.  Let’s just say that I hope to live every moment spiritfully.  I can use all the help I can get.

May you have a blessed day.

(The photo is from the Camp Mitchell website; a view from the grounds.)

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