A Place Just for You

With Mother’s Day coming up, this might be a nice way you can honor the special women at your table for special luncheons or dinners.  My daughter had me make a place card for her last year that she liked to put on her desk or nightstand — any place to mark as her own in a pretty way.

It’s quite simple.

  • Printable place cards (look in the wedding stationary — or you could just cut some cardstock into 3×4 inch rectangles, scoring along the horizontal center on the up-side)

The fun part is decorating them to go along with your meal-time theme.  I need them to be feminine and springy (like the season, not the frog!)

  • Stamps (for names and a consistent font; you could write them or use your printer if using the printable place cards)
  • Embellishments, like flowers, brads and glitter.  Ribbon would be nice, too.  It’s best to stock up on things like this when they’re on sale or you have a friend cleaning out her craft supplies; otherwise, they get expensive!
  • Punches, like my butterfly pop-up punch I just knew would come in handy.
Naturally, the formality of the occasion will dictate your theme and style.  We personally wanted a fun/formal setting.  Last year I used a similar theme, and it fit perfectly.

Let your creativity guide you, have fun, and let the folks take them home a souvenir for their own sacred space.

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