Wee Little Critters . . . and “Zombie Bunnies”

tinas_monster.JPGSunday afternoon brought us our crafting time this past weekend.  Leave it to my ever-talented sister-in-law to bring in something delightfully creative.  My daughter likes to say she’s “the coolest aunt.”  So, thanks to the folks at Etsy for showing us some inspiring projects.  (If you haven’t heard of Etsy, go there . . . NOW.  You’ll visit often and maybe be inspired to start your own store.  It’s at least a great alternative for handmade gifts and a way to support artisans — if you’re not going to do it yourself.)

Some of our inspiring links —

Now, for our experience, it was made easy with some prep work by the “cool aunt.”

  • Sketch designs, trace onto paper for templates, cut out.
    craft_time.JPG (Envelopes with the picture on the outside housed the easily lost little pieces.)
  • Gather felt, buttons, thread, glue, scissors, needles, cotton balls/stuffing, paint, glitter, keychains, magnets, etc.
  • Cut out felt.
  • Assemble using felt/fabric glue and/or hand stitches, stuffing as need be.
  • Add embellishments.
  • Attach keychain, insert magnet or place atop popsicle stick.

Like I’m fond of saying, if you can see it, you can do it. 

Sharp, pointy scissors really make cutting the felt into little pieces loads easier.

zombie_bunny2.jpgGlitter on top of the red puff paint gives the bunny “blood” a  nice glimmer.

We ran out of time on Sunday, but I brought home a couple of bunny cut-outs to make some for my boys.  When I get those done, I’ll post in the comments.  Obviously, this project is for those old enough to wield scissors well, sew or at least be very patient and follow instructions well.  Thus, my making them for the boys!  The girls who did their own were 9-13 years old.

It’s a week for felt, I guess!  Thursday I’ll have another felt project to share, one not so graphic.  


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