Just when it seems like everything’s hitting the fan, grace shows up and grants the gift of perspective. For me that means taking a breath. Taking a step back. Looking around with compassionate eyes and a gentler heart . . . especially toward myself.

“Take it one day, one step at a time,” I hear myself say to people nearly every day. If we take everything in all at once, we are easily overwhelmed and succumb to the “craziness” instead of naming what it is that we actually don’t want to deal with. (Reality: I call myself out for using “busy” and “crazy” too much; there are better, truer words to use. Why am I using them to begin with? What do I need to hold myself accountable for?)

Once I remember to slow my breath, love myself and family more, and try not to be so perfect, I think grace has even more room to work her magic, which translates into my seeing more readily how God is at work in the world about me. Synchronicities appear. Things seem to fall into place. And when I get off track again, something like a migraine might reappear to slow me down and help me regain perspective.

While I’m slowed down, I might realize that lovely stories keep popping into my head; brilliant writers are sharing their words; beautiful people keep coming into my life; love just fills the air I breathe, even when things are hard.

So I remind myself to slow down, to write even when it doesn’t make sense, and to keep giving room for Grace to do Her work.

Give yourself a treat. Tend the flowers or the pretty weeds. Go to the music festival nearby. Enjoy a meal with friends at home or out and about–the company is the important thing. Just love, and allow space for life to happen. As my next best friend Kaitlin says (we haven’t met…yet…, but I love her words),

“If we hold space for each other, we learn how to truly be alive with one another, as we cast off judgment and wait for the grace of God to journey with us into unknown and sacred places.”

I’ll meet you in those sacred spaces, following the breadcrumbs of all the synchronicities along the way.

Peace and love to you.

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One of the tricks to unblocking your creativity in Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way is to take yourself out on an artist’s date at least weekly.  This is a practice that takes much courage and dedication but has benefits untold.  The goal is, of course, to help fill the well of your creativity so that you don’t run dry.

One of my recent artist’s dates didn’t start out as such.  It started with rsvp’ing to a friend’s open studio.  But our weekend got crammed with one event after another.  Even when the goings-on are fun, it is tiring to a family of six to coordinate such a circus!  I thought about not going to the studio, but I felt committed.  Deep inside, I really wanted to go; I just didn’t know if we could pull it off.

With a van full of kids and places to be, my husband waited in said van while I went inside – by myself – to look at the photographs and studio, to make my appearance as promised and to hopefully arrange for portraits of the kids.

I wasn’t expecting what I received.

When I closed the door behind me, I let go of the past.  I walked into the present, wide open to possibility.  Gorgeous, indescribable black and white portraits of people I know and don’t know lined the walls.  I visited with friends I treasure and don’t get to visit with nearly often enough.  A morning’s misunderstanding was cleared.  For the first time I realized that this was a treat for me.

I walked around into the studio, and instead of portraits, now I saw what the photographer entitled “Persistence.”  You’ll have to go to him for the story, but I think it speaks for itself.  The mostly floral images and the experimentation with technique and style whispered something to me I still don’t understand.  After a good fill of admiring, I sat and visited with this gifted photographer.

Again, this openness, this connection I wasn’t expecting.  A new friend, yes.  A fellow Scorpio and one appreciative of spirituality and the journey therein (you could tell from the books on the shelves).  As we spoke, an energy resonated from my heart/solar plexus (hard to be sure which), and about that time in our conversation he was saying something to the effect of how he is sensitive to the God within others, that he could sense it within me.

I didn’t ask for this; I didn’t expect it, nor the tears that swelled in my eyes.  I just came to arrange for some photos of my kids, photos taken by someone who could capture the soul of a person in portrait.  The photos will be taken and taken by someone who will recognize the God in my children; I got what I came for.  I also got an experience of Spirit, though.  I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  I am who I’m supposed to be, if even for a moment.  Perhaps that is Persistence, too. 

The best things in life come when you least expect it, when you’re not looking for them.  The truth is, of course, that they’re there all along.

* * *

what better way to express than in images, preceded by a quote that says it all . . .

Thank you.

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Believe in Synchronicity


Synchronicity (per Merriam Webster):  “the quality or fact of being synchronous,” which means “happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time.”

A quick search will unveil much information on Carl Jung’s coining of the term “synchronicity.”  One of the first, not surprisingly, is a link to The Skeptic’s Dictionary.  I think it’s healthy to question things at first, so do read his commentary, even the suggested reading, if you are so inclined.  But personally, I feel that much of what happens in my life does happen for a reason and “in a meaningful manner” as described in Wikipedia.

That’s not to say everything that occurs has a special meaning. Sometimes to be doing laundry is to be doing laundry.  You know how I feel about being present in the moment.  Some events, however, lend themselves to a deeper meaning, even if that meaning is simply that you are on the right path.  These synchronicities are the ones I look out for to make sure that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  The meaningful coincidences don’t always arise in the waking hours.  I’ve mentioned before that sometimes they arise in my dreams, particularly my “car dreams.”

So if you’re outside, inhaling the sweet fragrance of the cherry tree and notice a beautiful butterfly, perhaps that’s a synchronicity.  While working on a genuinely good project, opportunities falling into your lap, it’s hard not to view them as synchronicities, affirmation that your work is for a greater Good and part of your life’s purpose.

How often are you thinking of someone only for them to call?  Are the right things there for you when you need them?

This is not to say that you should go around willy-nilly, assuming that you’re doing the right thing, and what you need will be provided for you.  We all have work to do, and we have the common sense to plan for the necessities.  But I believe that the more we incorporate faith into our daily round, the more we trust that things will work for the best as long as we give our best and visualize the best, then why should we expect any less?  The Universe will give us clues along the way as to whether we are on the right track, and if we’re not, we’ll be given clues as to what it is we should be doing.  More often than not, it’s simply getting quiet, listening to our inner voice, realigning ourselves, and taking one step at a time.

I know the joy I feel at discovering and experiencing synchronicities.  It’s like a special gift for you from the Universe.  May you be open to receiving your gifts today.

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