Broadcast Your Soapbox

Last week my Journey to Authenticity class assigned us the homework of planning a prime time television message to Americans.  The budget’s unlimited, and we have an hour of time.  What would we show?  What would we say?

Honestly, I haven’t thought about it until this weekend, and we’re supposed to give it 15 minutes, at least.  It’s no secret what my passions are, what my concerns include.  But how to include everything?  How to present it?

What would you do?

The thing is, if I plan this out, I feel committed to actually producing it.  I am a producer at our local Community Access Television.  My husband is, too.  We might not get prime time America, but we can at least reach a few.  If I do this, we’ll post it to YouTube, and I’ll embed it on this blog.  I’m a sucker for a challenge, especially if it might touch the hearts of others.

Are you up for another challenge?  What do you feel strongly enough about to actually do something, maybe even sacrifice something?

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Living with Passion

Since I read Gone with the Wind in seventh grade, every time I think of a “Cause,” I’m reminded of the southern women in their hoop skirts, working with a passionate collective effort can to support their soldiers, their way of life.  Today, we may not be in hoop skirts, but as many women as ever work for their Cause of choice.

Obviously, I have my own passions and relative causes.  I spent the weekend at the Living It Green Expo, going between our Earth Scouts booth and the BirthNetwork/ICAN/DONA/La Leche League booth.  To all who would listen or inquire, I was explaining the Earth Scouts, trying to encourage them to start their own chapter, or I was giving them a bag of information, telling them the BirthNetwork is working to improve maternity care.

Now, I’m sharing my reflections with you.  Any day now, I’ll be doula-ing for a new mom.  At the end of the month, we have our diocese’s young women’s retreat.  To many, I’m living too stressed, working too much when I really am doing enough by being a SAHM.  To me, I’m living passionately. 

On NPR on the way to church yesterday, we had the pleasure of hearing part of an interview with Maya Angelou.  “Life loves the liver,” she said in her eloquent, smooth voice.  She says she does have fun.  She works hard and she plays hard. 

If at 80 I can say I’m having fun, working and playing hard, then I, too, will feel like I’m living well, living this life as only I can, living this life with the passion of a lover and the compassion of a mother.

What brings passion to your life?

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