Treeless Paper

I don’t know where I’ve been, but somehow I missed the tree free paper movement.  Not until the other day at a local Tuesday Morning did I pick up some cards of the handmade-looking variety with flower petals in them.  Reading the back, it said the cards were “tree free,” “made from cotton socks, manufacturing waste and renewable plants.”  Wahoo!

So, as I work on some thank you notes, taking the easy route and just embellishing some already-made note cards, I’ll feel a little better about the materials I’m using.

It’s even better, though, to make your own paper, I know.  It’s a lot of fun, but just a bit time consuming and a little messy.  PioneerThinking has a great good tutorial for making your own paper.  Give it a go.  (All those paper shreds can come in handy, and I’m thinking a cheap litter box would make a good basin.  A great summer craft for the kids!)

May you have a blessed day on this National Day of Prayer.  Peace and love be yours. 

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