Wood Oven Challah and Fall Fun

Fall is a great time to gather with friends.  Host your own
get-together.  Ideas abound online, or just do an old-fashioned
marshmallow and hot dog roast.  Do it potluck style so no one person is out the cost for the whole shindig.  Of course, as the host, you’ll have to do some cleaning on your own!




As the air turns cooler, you know we’re going to be
firing the oven as

often as we can.  We tried a challah recipe in the oven, it seems like the same day we did the cinnamon rolls.  We
pulled the recipe from the book The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and it turned out wonderfully.  It won the kids’ approval, too.

We’re having another pizza party this weekend with a few family friends.  If you want to be in the rotation, you gotta tell us!  Those of you who have told us, know you’re already in que!  Pizza parties are a good time for all, and the kids even get to practice their dough tossing.

Whatever you’re doing this time of year, my it be done with joy and in the spirit of thanks.

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