Solar Power

The community creeps out of hibernation, slowly but surely.  The sun’s mighty power pulls us all out of our dwelling places.  The crocuses beckon us to look more closely at the earth.  It’s time.

Cold-weather crops.  Garden planning.  Spring cleaning.  It’s time to open the windows and let the fresh air disrupt the winter residue.  If outside, we have to make sure not to be fooled by warm yet cool temperatures; sunburns happen regardless of temp.  It’s a good time to clear out some clutter.  Yesterday I cashed in $100 worth of things laying around that we had collected (aluminum cans), didn’t need (extra movies and video games), or didn’t use (outgrown jeans) anymore, turning excess into something useful (groceries, gas, soccer kleats).  I also gave back to the community with a donation to Goodwill.  To give and receive should be a daily practice, not just a seasonal thought.

And now I cut this post short because while I do want to get kids’ clothes out of the attic to take to the consignment store, I don’t want to miss this morning’s opportunity to take my youngest out in the bike trailer.  Truly, the blue skies are amazing, and the bike trails await.

This evening concludes with church and the bookstudy I mentioned yesterday.  Oh, what a beautiful day.

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Fall Clearing

There’s “spring cleaning,” and I figure what I’m going through now is “fall clearing” — when it’s time to clear the clutter, make some organizational shifts, and make sure my priorities are in line before the long nights of winter set in. (It only seems far off; we know how time gets away from us.)  Honestly, the coming fall fills me with as much excitement as spring, just in a different way.

The days have just been hot enough to make you sweat, and many nights have been cool enough to cut the a/c and open the windows.  I sense a pull to what is natural, intuitive.  I’m making decisions based on a gut feeling, and great things are happening, however seemingly small they might be.

All this is related in that by clearing out some of the stuff that’s filling my days, my house, my mind, I am making room for quiet, for creativity, for Divine energy to move about and through me.  I love being aware of the synchronicities as they unfold, and I love having time to participate in them.  I offer unbounded thanks to those who are able and willing to participate with me.

This morning, after daddy took the older children to school, I was clearing the breakfast table (from a yummy feast of omelets and potato cakes).  Table clear, dog having eaten the leftovers, I gathered up the compost.  The youngest had been going in and out the back door, revelling in her ability to open and close the sliding glass door, talking in her suddenly realized vocabulary about the cat and dog being in and out, out and in.  I watched her through the windowraspberries_3439_l when she was outside making a barricade of her body so the cat couldn’t go any further.  Of course, the cat just walked around her.  Suddenly, she ran inside to get a “tiny bowl.” “Mommy come?” she asked.  I slipped on my shoes and grabbed the compost.  It was time again to get a little raspberry snack.  I dumped my bowl of scraps and grounds and then searched with childlike enthusiasm for the dark red treats, wondering why I had ever worried about the birds and the bugs getting them all.  We have to share.  With our snack-sized bounty, we turned to the house.  Behind the glass door, I saw my husband smiling, coffee in hand, and I relished the moment when our little one realized her daddy was back home.

It truly is the little moments that make life rich, even if we tend only to remember the big events.  As I continue my late summer and early fall clearing, I hope to continue to embrace the time given to do what need be done but also be who and where I need to be.  I wish no less for you, with love.

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Spring Cleaning = Simplify!

We’re still cleansing, and it’s apparent from the blooming daffodils and crocuses that Spring is springing forth, which means it’s a great time to start cleansing other aspects of our life as well.  Hopefully we can do this creatively.  I’ve already rearranged the living room (giving away our large couch) and our bedroom, helping the energy to flow differently, maybe even better.

Then, I ran across this article from Oprah’s website/e-newsletter.  (Now, I know many people have different reactions to Oprah, but if you take away the glitz, glamour, publicity and money, I believe that she, too, is just another woman on this journey of life, trying to figure something out.)  The article, “Back to Basics: Living with ‘Voluntary Simplicity'” is self-explanatory in title.  I enjoyed reading the article, written mainly to share a single mom’s experience of walking out of her life to walk into a simple way of living and written from an obviously mainstream woman’s perspective.  Honestly, it made me crave a cottage in the woods, too (but with four kids, I would need more space!), and it helped me realize that I know the steps to simplification.

The article reminded me that I do need to continue moving forward in simple living.  It’s time to start working in the garden.  I’m due for a homemade batch of detergent again, and after this cleanse, I can’t wait to get back to the kitchen to start cooking even more wholesomely (if that’s even a word!). 

Time to open the windows, let the wind flow through and get to work!

The article features Simple Living Institute, Inc.  You don’t need to go to Orlando, though, to learn what they’re teaching.  There’s an abundance of local resources, if you look in the right places.

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