“Bringing the Awesome”

My husband’s birthday brought several meal-gatherings amongst our family and friends.  As our youngest said, “It’s your birthday again?!”

Much love and attention went to my dearest these past few days, and needless to say, the house and yard are looking great.  I am reminded time and again how important it is to take care of ourselves to best care for others.  It might seem like we’re just being annoying, but if something is at the top of our personal priority list, let it be done!  It will help get the other stuff done more quickly and with much less mumbling and complaining.  I’ll try to take that lesson to my next interaction with the kids.  (wish me luck!)

Hubby told his mother that he’s been “bringing the awesome” all the years of his life (which aren’t quite as many as mine).  A friend over dinner last night said that our birthdays are like personal new year’s; you can wish for yourself an abundance of blessings in this, the next year of your life.

Oh, that we could lavish attention and patience toward each other like every day were our birthday, that we felt self-confident enough to live every moment like we were “bringing the awesome” with love and joy.  Indeed, our home is richly blessed with awesomeness.  🙂

“Every day is a gift from God.  That’s why it’s called the Present.”

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Indian Summer


This whole week embodies an Indian summer.  We’ve had our first frost.  All the trees have come aglow, and most have dropped their leaves.  I chanced upon this ginko tree at the park the day before Halloween; they drop their leaves so quickly.  Their golden leaves must be too heavy to hold for long.

And this week (which happened to include my birthday) reminds me of the renewal I feel in the fall, the creativity, optimism and groundedness.  Quite simply, I give thanks.  My blessings abound.  My gifts continue to create a beautiful harvest and provide me with plenty of work to be joyfully busy.

Even when the sun hides behind the clouds, as it undoubtedly will sometime soon, and the nighttime increases, I’ll let the Light glow from within and cherish the time to let my hands create gifts for those I love.

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Happy Day to You!

There are lots of reasons to be happy today, not the least of which being because today holds monumental significance.  One of the reasons for us happens to be because of the fifth birthday of my third child.  We no longer have any babies in the house, though the youngest will claim the role any day.

We didn’t go all out and make all the materials from scratch; it’s a box cake mix and pre-made icing.  It’s the love you mix in with it all that counts!

So, wherever your creative bliss finds you today, whether it’s sending a birthday card to a loved one, stitching something hopeful or figuring out how to watch t.v. while keeping up with Facebook all at once, may your day be as sweet as ours.


Happiness be yours, little man!
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Say It’s Your Birthday . . .

I can’t help but have the Beatle’s song going through my head today because it is, in fact, my birthday.  🙂  I have no vanity about it being only my day of birth, so I’m willing to share the joy with all the other brilliant Scorpios out there.

The reality of it is that this day is like any other, for the laundry doesn’t wash itself, nor the dishes.  The sick child will need to be held all day, and I’ll keep hoping that my remaining milk is helping her eyes and that we all won’t get whatever she has.  The deadlines remain, and I’ll have to clean the house yet again to restore it to the beauty it was before much of the family came over.

The blessing of this day, however, is that the stars have been
aligning, and my dreams have been potent.  I consider birthdays personalized New Year’s, so I have a chance to begin anew on resolutions fallen by the wayside.  Today I will be gentle with myself, encouraging, nurturing, and today my husband tells me he has a surprise in store.  Today is unlike most days in that on this day several years ago, my spirit entered this world fully into this body.  Hopefully each day I come closer to realizing my purpose, finding my calling, fulfilling God’s will.

Thank you, mom, for birthing me.  Thank you, family, for the love and gifts.  Thank you, Mother Nature, for the beautiful autumn colors that have remarkably lingered into November.  This weekend was a beautiful Indian Summer.

May we carry a bit of the magic and love of birth into every day of our lives.

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