Something Funny

Maybe not funny “ha-ha,” but funny nonetheless.

Since we are waiting for the majority of our belongings to catch up with us, we’ve been spending a good deal of time visiting the surrounding area and going out to eat.  With hubby away, I took the kids (all of them!) to Chattanooga for school supplies and some home necessities.  As a surprise I decided to take them to a movie.  (We all enjoyed Brave.)

I didn’t know two things:

1.  You pass through Georgia to get to Chattanooga from Sewanee.

2.  Chattanooga is on Eastern Time.

Fortunately, I have a smart phone by which I keep track of the time, and apparently it can also keep up with which time zone I’m in.  (Honestly, it didn’t seem like we were in Target for three hours!)  I noticed that our van was an hour behind, but I just figured it was a glitch and had missed an hour; maybe the battery had died at some point.  It wasn’t until we were driving back and saw the sign saying we were entering CST that I realized we had spent the afternoon in another zone.

Meh.  I was on kid-time, yet we were on time for the movie (thanks to the phone).  I was rather surprised at my not-knowing and how little difference it made for the day.

I’ll enjoy the summer time while it lasts.

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