Last night on the way to church, I was struck by a few observations:

a man by the railroad, holding a camera, looking at something across the street, waiting for the traffic (me) to get out of the way;

a sharp-dressed man in navy trousers and pressed and tucked-in button-down shirt walked in long strides up the hill of the sidewalk–hurriedly and purposeful it seemed.

Within the same block on the other side of the road, I noticed the long graying ponytail first.  Neutral-toned shirt and pants.  Comfortable. Relaxed.  The man was walking–whether to somewhere or just for the sake of walking, I do not know.  My car passed him quickly.

A banner across the street calling for people to come have fun with a purpose–raise money for a local homeless resource.

All of this a snapshot of the community as I head toward my weekly women’s group where I will get yet another portrayal of the society in which I live with all the struggles, joys, pain, and compassion.

We’re all in this together.

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