About Day 18

I have no doubt that we are all working as hard as we can, but like the little puppy that tugs and tugs on the toy that the master’s not going to let go of, we could be using all of our energy in vain.  Dare I say we might even be wasting it.  I do mean wasting energy because if our intention and priorities are in the wrong place, we could just be spinning our wheels.  Often I feel like my tread is worn thin.

If we’re doing the best we can at any given moment, then I figure there’s grace present, and there’s insight to be had.  Maybe what I’m doing right now isn’t the most I can do, but there is value in it.  During the day I can listen and do my best to make others’ lives and work go smoothly.  At home, I can help create our sanctuary, our place of rest and comfort.  For me, it at least has to be tidy.  Every once in a while a deep clean is needed, but so long as everything has a place and there’s not too much clutter, our home is a cozy, secure place to be.  (I can’t wait until late fall and winter when it will be time to have a fire in the evenings when we’re all at home!)

I don’t even know what my life feels like right now.  Are there words to describe it?  Is this middle age?  What if I only live to 66, and this is my mid-life?  I can’t say I’d do anything differently.  🙂  I am where I am.  I still feel like I have much to do, so I’ll just keep trucking along.

I visit those who are homebound and/or sick.  I see our good, sweet dog Bodhi getting older every day.  Lord, fill my heart with compassion, and help me bring to others what You would offer them.  I am ever your humble servant, asking for your blessings and guidance, now and always.


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