Day 13

I know.  I’m slipping.  I’m not taking time to put my fingers to the keys or the pen to the paper . . . at least not for prayer, not in meditation.  Thankfully, life doesn’t rely on me.  Miraculously, prayers continue to be answered.

It rained.  It cooled off a bit.

Your grace abounds.  My friends need this.  I need this.

We need to know that when life seems like it cannot get much worse or any harder – and then it does – that we will make it.  We need to know that no matter what, we are loved, we are strong, and we are with You.

When we’ve been hurt, when we are hurting, it is so hard to overcome the pain gracefully, let alone compassionately.  But Christ didn’t look over at the thief who wasn’t sorry and say, “At least you deserve to die.”  No spite.  no anger.  A bit of doubt, maybe.  I imagine a touch of desperation.  But Will and Love prevail.

We all die ultimately, giving up this physical body, but we die many deaths.  Innocence, virginity, naivete.  Roles we play or lives we lead.  Eras our life come and do, and we mourn (or not) accordingly when they pass.  Sometimes the death of a loved one can mark a time in our lives, too.  With them we lose not only who they were to us but also what they represented to us, what their life meant in our life.

We are simple creatures.  We cling to the faintest glimmer of light, whether or not it is True.  Give us discerning hearts.  Awaken us soundly, and help us . . . always.  There are so many of us in this community and world, crying out to you.  May our supplications be like a song and not a whine.  Thankfully I believe your patience and presence are infinite.

Continue to bless and keep us.  For this I am grateful indeed.

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