Day 4

Holy and Gracious God, I rejoice this day in gratitude for your Love and Grace.

Thank you for this day of rest.  Thank you for the friends and family with whom we have shared the weekend.  Thank you for our abundance of blessings.  At the service this morning, I could not think of just one or two things to be grateful for, and even now, mere words cannot enumerate the blessings bestowed upon my family and me.

Most importantly, O God, thank you for opening my eyes to see, my heart to feel, and my mind to know.  Thank you for bringing someone into my path to serve as yet another wonderful teacher.  The best teachers encourage us to tap into the wisdom within. The most compassionate people are open, willing, and most importantly loving, but at the core, they know who they are and allow you to be who you are.  Indeed, I have met another teacher, and there were butterflies galore.  (I hear this is a good sign.)  🙂

I have much to learn about my religion and practice.  I have plenty of room to grow into the best I can be.  It is good to know with all my heart, though, what lies at the core of my being, my life, and in all of humanity — Love.  God is Love.  Oh, that all my ways would be in Love, with Love, and through Love.

To the Glory of God, Amen.

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