Shooting Arrows

The language we use, if chosen carefully, can carry with it wonderful images and sentiment.  Some of us are rather animated when we speak, too, and can elaborate on the phrases with our body language.  (I am totally projecting.)

A step I took today felt like I was shooting an arrow into the air.  It wasn’t a shot in the dark.  I’m not flying blind.  I’m not trying to fulfill some cliche.  I was shooting an arrow at a target I can very well see, but I had to aim high.  Telling a friend I felt as much, I even raised my invisible bow and pulled back the string and arrow, releasing my intention to the Universe.

Now it’s out of my control.  Outside factors are at play now, factors similar to the wind and weather.  I can only hope my skill and aim are correct, that they are enough.  If not, I tried, no one is hurt, and at least my quiver is still full.

I wonder how many other arrows I need to release?  God grant me strength and courage!

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