People Are Beautiful

With this thought, the bell tower rings nearby.  Affirmation, I suppose, of the divine sort.

I’m meeting many new faces these days, learning new stories, discovering new personalities, hearing new laughter.  This also means, of course, that I’m uncovering other aspects of myself.  In particular, I’m noticing how people relate to me, now that I’m in the “professional” realm (for which motherhood has been the best training ground), and also how I relate to them.

Through my world-view, my lenses, I easily see everyone as child, regardless of age, and somehow I feel how to relate to them as fellow child or as mother.  I find myself listening with compassion.  It’s not unusual to see glistening eyes in this other who is not so different from me after all.

I realize people are beautiful, in so many different ways, on so many different levels . . . myself included.

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