My days don’t always include a to-do list that looks like I’m trying to overtake a small country.  Often I don’t even have a list or an awareness of what all I’m doing until I have to inform others of my whereabouts or share how my day has been.

But sometimes what I do requires the help of a small army.  Balancing this last Mother’s Day’s events, partnered with a doula client’s birth, was one such day.

So while I may not be overthrowing a government, I might be trying to spread a little love and light.  I might be trying to help others feel the love I feel.  I realize I cannot do this alone, nor should I.

I am grateful for all those who brighten my days.  I give thanks for my children and husband who grant me the privilege of being a mom.  I am oh-so-grateful for those who share their love and light not only with me but with all those around them.  So many blessings.  I am oh-so-lucky.

Just had to say that.

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  1. Thanks again for all the preparation you undertook to make Mother’s Day wonderful for the Mom’s in our family. Your strength and quiet behind the scenes work is not always vocally acknowledged and appreciated, so here is a thank you and love you from us. 😀 We are truly privileged to have you in our lives, and you help make us oh-so-lucky as well.

  2. Tina, thank you so much. Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to this, but we all know how life pulls us in oh-so-many directions. You’re a lovely part of our family, too, and I wish you all the best in your work. It’s almost as beautiful as you! 😉