What S/He Thinks

A sure-fire way to get your home thoroughly clean is to have an out-of-town guest.  At least one a month ought to do the trick.  Let that be my cleaning advice for the quarter.

My husband and I were most grateful to have a friend come visit us last week, just overnight, but also in conjunction with a pizza party, brick-oven style.  I have a lot on my plate at the moment, and I was primarily consumed with thoughts of preparing for the cabin retreat I was organizing for the weekend.  Somehow I missed that our guest was actually staying the night in our house.  Ack!  Now I really had to clean the bathroom and make sure there were clean sheets on the bed.  (You don’t just willingly sleep in a kindergartner’s bed unless you know for certain it’s been cleaned; at least, I don’t!)

As I scrubbed the kids’ shower, I thought surely my husband had invited his pal to stay over so that I would get the house nice and clean before I left for the weekend.  I didn’t blame him; it needed to be done, and I was glad to do it.  Our paths crossed in the kitchen a few minutes later, when he came in from his yard work for something.  I told him what I thought.

“The funny thing is,” he said, “is that I figured you had invited him so that I’d finally get the yard all cleaned up.”

We both had a good chuckle and carried on with our work, knowing that we truly weren’t out to get the other for any inadequacies.  We were indeed working together with a common purpose and happy hearts.

Most of our friends know we work best under pressure, and somehow everything that had to be done got done.  My husband yet again wowed us with his pizza-making skills, and I left the house mostly clean the next afternoon.

Thank you, Casey, for everything, and thank you, Ryan, for coming to visit!  Come back any time!  Let this be an open invitation to all our out-of-town friends.  🙂

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