Blessed Are the Weak?

Yesterday, our sermon at church focused on Paul admitting his weaknesses.  We were reminded that it is most often in our weakest moments that we are gifted with an unforeseeable strength, a great wisdom beyond our own being.

Mass media doesn’t follow this line of thinking.  If people are weak, it’s usually because they’re ignorant or strung out or because they’re in a third-world country and need our financial support.  Either way, it’s in our “best” interest if we keep doing what we’re doing to get better, faster, more and then give a little bit of what we’ve gained, if we choose to.

There’s no doubt in my mind that there are some serious changes that need to happen in our way of thinking and doing.  How about we change the mind-set to realizing that people who are weak are so because they either prohibit themselves from seeing the potential within or they have been so abused in this life mentally, physically, and/or emotionally, that they cannot see the good inherent within.  Inner-city or rural America to poorest of the poor third-world country, we are human.  We have been gifted with life, free will and potential.

Some of us do have more resources than others, but throwing money at situations hasn’t proven to be most beneficial.  Lynn Twist in The Soul of Money points out that during her time working with The Hunger Project, the best outcomes came when the people in a tribe or community were given an audience, able to share their own ideas on how to fix a problem (as in how to best obtain a water supply) and then given help to obtain the resources to make their vision a reality.  The people had accountability and responsibility in the outcome.  They did not become addicts to handouts, further debilitated by a lack of sense of self-worth.

Blessed are the weak?  Yes.  We are all weak.  We all need to experience and face our weaknesses.  Only when our egos are weakened can we realize that our strength is not ours alone.  When we can surrender to that which is greater than we ever imagined, can we tap into true potential.  When we are truly weak and honest, we can reach out for help, with humility, but hopefully also with a determination to particiapte with and through that strength I like to call Spirit.  In the best of circumstances, there are others who are also participating in the Spirit, and we can experience the work of the collective.

Blessed are the weak?  Yes.  It is the weak who actually have the opportunity to realize how truly strong they are, if only they surrender long enough to see it, to hear it.  And if the weak are to survive, they have to be seen and heard by others who also know Truth.

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