Awash in Spirit

The season of contemplation and sacrifice fulfilled, we now live into the Easter season.  Regardless of your faith, though, we are all in those early days of Spring, the time when nature teases us with warm sunny days yet still chills us to the bone on the cold rainy ones.  Now is a time when we are encouraged to live in the moment, enjoying what we can when we can.  Nothing is permanent.  We cannot be attached.

But we have a constancy in this impermanence.  We do have something with which to spring forth from.  The Great Spirit, God, the Divine, the Universe, energy — whatever you want to call it — fuels us.  If we listen closely, we can hear the guidance.  With every choice, at every turn, we are given the chance to love deeply.  We are given the opportunity to live into our gifts, helping those around us while bringing ourselves a fulfilling, unsurpassed joy.

What’s that, you say?  Joy? 

Do you not feel fulfilled in your life?  Are you in a rut or feel like you’re in the depths of despair?  No, I’m not offering you a quick fix, nor am I about to spout off like some evangelical infomercial.  But if you feel unhappy, you probably are, and you are probably not listening to the deeper voice that is actually trying to give you clues on how to make your life better.  If what you think will make you happy does not help others in the process, it’s probably not the answer.  If it helps others and brings you joy, listen to that.

Ask.  Listen.  Listen more. 

Last night during class, in my mind’s eye during lectio divina, I saw myself being covered in a wave of sparkling, effervescent water/light.  I was awash in Spirit, and this was an indication of how I need to live my days.  Do I feel this way after my son has poured bubbles into my daughter’s hair just now?  No.  Not at all.  But I have a choice whether to be angry or to see it for what it is and calmly send one child away for a bit and take the other to the bath.

We can’t always have the silence that makes prayer so easy.  There’s no fun in that.

To the bath, I go — bubbles and all.

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