Reason to Celebrate

In some countries like China, Russia,
Vietnam and Bulgaria, IWD is a national holiday.”
Quote from International Women’s Day site

There is so much in our lives these days.  Not only do we keep up with our family and friends (both in real life and virtually), but we have much of the world at our fingertips or played into our consciousness through the airwaves.  We cannot know everything, but it seems to me that some things should be made more public, somehow more important, especially when the message is a positive one.
International Women’s Day.  I only knew about the holiday this year because it was in my daily calendar.  Visit the site.  See what communities around the world are doing to improve the status of women.  Prepare to be inspired.

What are we doing in our luxurious daily life to benefit the welfare of women in our community, our state, our world?  Locally, I work as a birth advocate and support women’s spirituality, which also extends to the state.  Also, there is a bill before our state Senate committee to bring transparency to maternity care.  In our world, I hope to support efforts toward the Millenium Development Goals.  I could stand to focus more on the global effort, but I intend that the positive energy focused locally would ripple out ever further.

Our good influence knows no boundaries.  May all our work be blessed.

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