While social networking seems to be the rule of the day, old ways still hold.

This weekend is the Episcopal General Convention for the Diocese of Arkansas.  As communications coordinator for our Episcopal Church Women (ECW), I volunteered to staff a table in the Exhibit Hall.  This means, of course, that I have to create a table display, most of which is a tri-fold poster.

The other half of the table I’m devoting to our Time for JOY retreat (the poster for which has already been made).  Together, the goal is an oasis of feminine energy, but it will take a physical presence and actual work.

Gathering people of common interest, motivating them to work toward common goals and nurturing them along their spiritual path are not easy.  My goal is to find what works best, trust my gut, do what I can and pray for the best.  The trick is to keep smiling.

And, I did make a FaceBook group.  đŸ™‚

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