Challenge: Personal Goals

There’s this strange (to me) dichotomy in our society regarding health/fitness. Everyone needs to be healthy and look physically fit, but we find that it’s easier and much cheaper in the short term to eat poorly and devote our time to any given task or gadget instead of exercising.

Regardless of where you are with your new year’s resolution, it’s always a good time to put your intention on being well, living well.

My husband found what’s called the Ultimate Black Belt Challenge (UBBC), which is something our local dojo offers.  You set these incredible goals for yourself (basically for mind, body and spirit), and if you achieve them, you get your black belt (usually after paying a fee).  Well, originally we thought it was a challenge meant just for black belts, that it was a challenge for challenge’s sake, meant to improve yourself in every way.  (We didn’t read the letter well, I guess, because it’s quite clear.) 

No one in our family is a black belt in taekwondo or aikido, but we set some goals in all areas for each of us.  It’s easy to say what you’d like to do, who you would like to be.  It’s quite another to put your time where your mouth is.  With every day scheduled to the brim, how do you squeeze in a couple of hours for this and that?

That’s why it’s a challenge.  Do you stay up late to watch the great new movie, or do you get some sleep so you can get up early the next morning and get a productive start on the new day?  (FYI — last night we watched the movie.  Probably shouldn’t do that any more!)

So what are your goals?  If you had to push yourself to be a better person, what would you do?  Lent is coming up soon.  It’s a great time to give up that which doesn’t nourish you and take on that which makes you more whole . . . maybe even more holy?

My goals, total for the year:

  • 160 hours of workout/exercise time (30 min/day)
  • 12 books
  • 250 hours in the garden
  • 120 desserts (two or three/week)
  • 30 meals out (doesn’t count meals at church)
  • 25 Spanish days (goal is for family to learn Spanish)
  • 100 hours family game time
  • 25 hours of journaling
  • 100 hours walk/bike/swim/hike
  • 50 hours creative time

I’m going to be working on our chart.  I’ll share it when it’s done.  Put your creative energy to work today on living well!

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