bento_food_rice_1013750_l.jpgMy husband has been on a bento kick for months.  He wants to do this at least for himself, if not for us all.  I cringe at the thought of creating yet another meal, but this has every potential of being another creative outlet.  Maybe it will have to be one for my husband, but for us all, there are definite health benefits to be had.

Many people already do this, so it’s not a new concept by any means.  But, as we know, those of us in Arkansas aren’t always the quickest at keeping up with the times.

Just Bento is one of my hubby’s favorites for ideas and recipes (like this one for chicken skewers).  It also has a great description of basics and picking the right box. The sight also offers a “Bento Challenge,” which is designed for those hoping to trim their figure or to reduce the number of take-out lunches.

Happy meal-making!

(photo by moogs from

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