More Indoor Fun . . .

I *love* Scrabble (which is trademark protected and copyrighted, I’m sure).  Though the temperature rose well over freezing, the kids are not excited about going out in the mud and falling icicles.  So, indoors it is, and with a parent-enforced t.v. ban in effect, the board games make a comeback.

A great one for us Scrabble lovers and pre- to early reading level kids is, of course, Scrabble Junior.  Ours happens to be a Disney version (all due trademarks there, too!).  I think it would be fantastic to make your own version, but we’ll wait until the next snow days to try that one.


And, a little letter fun (for mature audiences) came into play when we were telling our 8-year-old the difference between an “M” and a “W.”  The “M” for man is naturally boxy, and it has a little thing hanging down between its legs.  The “W” for woman, according to my husband, is curvy (at least slanted but definitely when in cursive) and has two things hanging down as in the breasts or butt cheeks.  My son was trying not to burst out laughing, chuckling the whole time, contributing to the conversation with his own artistic observations.

I’m sure he’ll never forget the differences again, and I’ll savor the humor and joy at laughing with him.

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