Creative Responsibility

It is true that right now I’m not being incredibly creatively productive in an artistic sense; even my husband has commented on my lack of project productivity.  My time, it seems, has become devoted to other more immediate and practical necessities.  So, while I devote this day to wrapping up some communications, searching for a career and cleaning our home for a party tomorrow night, I feel it’s okay to mention that creativity takes many forms, and the potential for everything resides within us all.

As with the presidential address, we are reminded that we all have a responsibility to find solutions to our current crises.  Every family, every person has a role to play.  We have to teach this to our children. We have to show them how it’s done and hope that when they’re our age, they do it even better.

Seth Godin, a prolific writer with a savvy business/tech sense my husband adores, shares in his blog that we all have the potential to achieve the amount of success we desire  . . . we just don’t want to.  Ouch.  Personal responsibility.  I have to tap my vein of gold.  I have to make it work, find how best to use my talents.  I have to put the pieces together.  Or, I could not and complain that the Universe is working against me.  But is it really?

It’s time for us all to be truly creative, accept our responsibilities and find what works to fulfill what we truly need.  Maybe it’s what we need that needs evaluated.

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