A Very Loooong Project

My husband’s birthday is in May, and I’m glad he told me what he wants now since it may very well take until then to knit this monster.  Of course, if I had a time traveling phone booth, it would be a lot easier.

Pick your season, and duplicate your own Dr. Who scarf thanks to the diligence and work shared at the site.  You have to understand that my husband is 6’5″.  To have a scarf that hits the floor and loops at the knees, we are talking around 20-something feet long!  I told him I could knit it and then piece it together for a small throw.

I’ve already signed up for Netflix.  Now, to buy some yarn (I think KnitPicks may be my best resource in that department) and any excuse to buy some new needles.  Let the knitting begin!

(Don’t expect photos until May!!)

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