List of Lists

To make this coming year’s lists, I have to know where I’m going, what my priorities are and what I’ll be doing.  For me, I work in categories.

  • Home

Cleaning : Chore lists are going to be key this year.  The kids do better when they know what they’re supposed to do and don’t feel like we’re just making up things for them to do.  I’m going to listen to FlyLady.  She’s got a good thing going, and if I want to keep things decluttered around here, I’ll have to take it seriously.  Of course, one of my favorite magazines has wonderful, printable resources — visit Real Simple for some real inspiration (there are categories and lists for everything, so make sure your ink cartridge is full!).

Outside :  I want a productive garden this year.  I’m going to outline my tasks and actually try to get them done this year.  I’ll be looking to our local extension office for guidance.  Yours is a valuable resource, too.  I’d also like to check out this book on “Edible Estates” and implement some designs therein!

  • Family

Kids :  It’s mainly their activities I need to keep track of to plan my chauffeur schedule.  Also needed are necessary home practice times.  We’re also working with Earth Scouts.  Even if it’s just our family, we want to make this a part of our kids’ awareness, so we’ll have at least monthly activities.  Asking the older kids what their priorities are makes sure that we’re all on the same page and will reduce friction later.

Parents : We’re busy, too. Aikido, BirthNetwork, church, etc., all take time.  We need to make sure we coordinate our times or have a sitter available.  Calendar sync, anyone?

  • Food

Menu, menu, menu : Preparation, communication and dedication.  No junk food this year.  I have an extra 40 pounds that tells me I can and must just say “no.”  đŸ™‚  I’ll defer this back to a previous post.  Ideas are always welcome, and I found another site (SavingDinner) I’ll have to explore.  There are always wonderful cookbooks, too, and the bookstores usually have a plethora on the bargain book tables.

  • Work (for me, this is mostly birth-related and/or volunteer-based)

Discernment :  This year is the year I decide what I’m doing with my life.  This is almost as important as what I’m being.  Both are crucial, will take time and insight.  I have clues; it’s the putting it all together part and implementation that are the kicker.  I also have to decide if I’m doing too much, not allowing myself enough time to be.  I hope I’m not the only one with this issue!  Keeping a list of all I’m involved with and committed to truly helps me be fully aware and not fall too far behind.

  • Self-nurturing

Exercise. Creativity. Retreats. Dates. Self-discipline.  While this category is self-explanatory, it is also the one that most often falls to the wayside.  This is the one where we need absolutely everyone around us to cheer us on, help keep us motivated.  This is probably where our daily schedule comes in more handy than a list.  We deserve at least an hour a day, right?

May we all be inspired to be organized and motivated.  May we go forth and continue doing all the good work we do.

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