Creative Moments

For you mothers out there, please visit Mother Words today for some beautiful poetry and solidly good recommended reading.

For you moms with children asking what to give their friends this holiday season, let me share what I told my oldest: recycle.  For some this may sound offensive, and if it does, please ignore.  We don’t, however, have the means to buy a new gift for each child-friend we have.  If the friends would be offended, we’ll go without giving a gift, but for those who would appreciate a thoughtfully put-together present, we’ll gladly do so.

My suggestion:  a couple of books in new condition, topped with a never-played-with small stuffed animal, tied together with a pretty ribbon, set in a box and wrapped with love.  Perhaps even a DVD in between or atop the books.  Instantly, a $30+ gift with no out-of-pocket expense.

Feed your soul this season.  Appreciate your abundance even if your accounts look grim.  There’s no better time to be creative.

Much love.

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