Season of Waiting

Yesterday began the church’s new year with the first Sunday in Advent, the season of waiting.  It’s at times like this when I gladly lead the Sunday school class.  I get to learn right along with the four- and five-year-olds.  I’ve been doing it for three years now, but it’s a new experience each time.

Not only is it time to put up the traditional Christmas decor, but last night we made our family Advent wreath.  My older daughter was most excited about the new candles, actually getting a rose-colored one this year.  We will light the first candle at meal times this week, lighting another candle each week until Christmas morning when we get to light the white candle as well, watching the light dance as we eat our cinnamon rolls.

As we wait for the birthday celebration, however, the sermon we received yesterday encouraged us to remember that we can be rebuilt, that we are the potter’s clay.  Our sermon was an invitation from an organization to adopt a child or aging person in another country.  Could we be so selfless as to truly extend our giving to another family?  Will we allow ourselves to experience the growth that such giving can bring?  Would we go visit these people to see how we can affect their lives?

We all await such growth.  If you can give to the CFCA, blessings to you.  There are always those in our own community who need help, too.  Children’s shelters, community meal programs, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, community pantries.  Opportunities abound.

While waiting, we must not forget that there is work to be done.  I don’t mean the typical hustle and bustle of checking off your Christmas to-do list.  This is another new year, another opportunity to evaluate where you are, to look around through the eyes of a child and see things anew.  When we think we cannot give any more, is there a gift, a talent you can share/volunteer?  You don’t have to have a lot of money to help others.  Sometimes your time is just as valuable, if not more so. 

And when you’re waiting, all you have is time.

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