Housekeeping::Soul Tending

I don’t know that there specifically is a link to the cleanliness of our house and the well-being of my very soul, but, if personal experience is evidence enough, I have to say this is true.

I posted in my FaceBook profile that I was “waiting for the house to clean itself.”  I really wanted it to or at least for some of the others in the same house to make an effort.  Honestly, I just wanted to sit and knit, maybe even watch a movie.

Alas, finishing one of the books on my reading list (I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was) Barbara Sher points out that some people have a tendency to be “ragers,” meaning that you “rage against the ordinary” or are too good to do the everyday work everyone has to do to survive.  Perhaps I was raging.  Maybe I just needed to give myself some time to shift gears so that I could do the little bit deeper cleaning that I needed (and still need) to do.

It’s always easier to do the heavy work if the clutter is out of the way.

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