Economic Cri$i$

Some say that the more you focus on something, the more you make it so.  Put out to the Universe that your life is abundantly blessed, and you attract abundance.  So, with all the waves being full of talk of the US economic crisis, are we making it worse each time we hear the rising unemployment rate, the 50,000-job cut, the Congressional bail-out debates, the credit crunch, etc., etc.?

For many families, I’m sure it’s simply another day in the life.  I know for my family, it’s a weekly challenge to figure out how to make sure all the bills are paid on time.  At least we have the means to pay them (mostly) on time.  But some days you wonder.  Some days you feel more a part of those who live with heavier burdens that you are used to carrying.

Some days you’re told you need a new heat and air unit.  Some days the car doesn’t start.  Some days you live with the fact that you can’t afford what you would honestly, truthfully like to have, even if what you want is to send your child to preschool.  You might even learn that you don’t have as much in assets as what you thought you had because of the state of the market.

We learn to make sacrifices.  We learn to make adjustments, some of which are harder than others.  Some of us are slow learners and keep getting the homework sent back to do over and over again.  One of these days, surely, we’ll get it right.

Time to focus on our true and real blessings in this season of Thanks, and perhaps it’s time to start giving more.

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