More Handmade Suggestions

One of my fave craft sites is using November as a month of handmade gift ideas, and they have great giveaways.  Check out Sew, Mama, Sew to see for yourself and find some truly creative ideas.

As I try to catch up some on my Google Reader, I also found some other truly craft-genius ideas.  Don’t miss what Instructables has to offer (my hubby adorned the laptop with one of their stickers from the Maker Faire), especially if you’d like some tips on your Turkey-day meal.

And then I found SouleMama.  Do go there.  It’s an inspiration to me.  She seems lovely, writes beautifully and is about to have a baby any day.  She also has a book and some patterns that would make some beautiful gifts.  A good find for the day . . . now back to the children.


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