A Boy and a Ship

Halloween ripens the imagination.  You can be whatever you want, and my boys in particular love being pirates.  An afternoon otherwise preoccupied presented a quick and easy transformation of a box and a mop so that I could actually work on other things while said pirate could search for treasure.

boxship.JPG.jpgSurely you have a box or two you’ve been saving.  We get enough Amazon shipments around here!  This box isn’t even all that big.  Truth be told, it was the boy’s idea.  I just wielded the scissors and helped him put “canons” on his ship (halved toilet paper rolls, slits cut on one side so it can flare out to be glued to the box).

boypirate.JPG.jpgWith the top and bottom opened on the box, the pirate can maneuver the ship easily.  A side of a paper bag makes for a nice textured map, painted with red directions, of course.  The colors were made from a scrap of black fabric, white acrylic paint and half of a Swiffer mop.  (The emptied Lego tub also makes a good ship, but it’s more difficult to maneuver without an older sibling and without getting in trouble for scratching the floor.


“Look, Mom! I found land!”

I always knew my fabric containers were useful.  They’re out from under the bed so I can organize them, but, if they serve other purposes, it’s all the better.

Yes, that is a light saber turned sword.  I guess next time I’ll have to make him a halter. đŸ™‚

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