A Simple Birthday Party

Letting go of extravagant birthday parties takes effort, and I am blessed to say that after eight years, I feel I have arrived at something.

My eldest daughter had an extraordinary “Blue’s Clues” themed party for her second birthday.  Many adults, a few children and lots of chaos and expense.  She was exhausted at the end and didn’t really feel up to opening her gazillion presents.  It was fun, to be sure, and maybe I was doing it because the next month assured the loss of her place as an only child.  Yes, I was nearly nine months pregnant.  I, too, was exhausted at the end of the day.

Fast-forward to our fourth child.

She’s easy-going and doesn’t need a thing.  We have planned a family party, but I’m not planning a big to-do.  The opportunity arose to have a playdate at the park today– fun and very age appropriate.

autumns2ndb-day.JPG.jpgSeveral moms and kids met us there.  I brought a cake I made.  We played and visited.  It’s a beautiful day.  I had requested no gifts, but one “re-gifted” present was brought, which was perfect.  We were back home for lunch and nap-time out of routine, not exhaustion.

There’s a time and place for the full-blown birthday parties, but I’m glad to know the difference and to appreciate the beauty of simplicity.


(I even let Autumn help add sprinkles!)

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