Inspirational Quilts

I like to sew and quilt.  I’m not obsessive about it — yet.  Seeing as how I’m riding the creativity flow these days, I decided to get a good dose of inspiration before setting a permanent course for this eclectic quilt I’ll be doing.  (The fabric was collected at my Blessingway, so I have a wide range of colors/patterns!)

I favor art quilts.  I love applique and embellishments.  I am truly amazed what some people can do with fabric as their art medium, and not all are women.  One book I love is called Within Sacred Circles:  Meditations and Mandala Quilts.  A woman at our church actually has a quilt featured in the book.  Along the print lines, there is also a magazine I’ve purchased before called Quilting Arts.

Let us not forget the blogosphere!  (It’s free!)  Quilters, like knitters, abound, and there is plenty of eye candy out there.  Let me just say that if you go to Dreaming Spirals, Liz has a slew of folks listed on her site.  That’s where I found love fibre and from there followed her list of blogs, liking those like A Village Quilter, Fabulous Threads . . . and so many others that if I look at all of them and share them here, I will never get another thing done . . . ever . . . and neither will you!

So if you’re needing some inspiration on some textiles or looking for a fabric project, I’m sure you won’t have to go very far.


(and if you need some yummy munchies while you’re browsing, my hubby sent me links to justJenn recipes.  I can’t wait to try the “burger” cookies!)

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