Virus Among Us

Naturally when I am relieved to have the youngest weaned, said toddler is found with diarrhea in the diaper this morning and later puking in the hall . . . then the living room this afternoon . . . then in the van right before dinner.  Guess what the scent of the day is.  It’s been in my nose all day except when walking by the litter box that obviously needs to be cleaned by the eldest who promised to help when she had to have a new kitten.  That odor was even worse than the puke.  Yuck!  (I’ll spare you any photos today.)

So little miss is sick, and I hear that the stomach viruses going around are highly contagious.  Hubby says we need to sleep and eat well so as to boost our immunities.  My quiet time boosts mine, I hope, because I’m doing a lot of late night working here!  If five more people get the funk, though, posts might become scarce for a bit.  I’m doing what I can to keep up with the laundry as it is!

I miss the benefits of breastmilk already — even more now that I can’t just hold the little one and nurse her into wellness.  Enjoy it while it lasts, my lactating friends.  God comes quickly to remind us that we are, indeed, human.  Making milk is a superpower, right?

May everyone be well and well-hydrated.  Now I’ll have to hope that chicken noodle soup and the BRAT diet will suffice.  Of course, it’s nothing that time, love and patience can’t cure.

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