Bleeding Hearts Unite!

I’m a sucker for a cause, and I’ve got lots of ’em.  But this is fantastic.
Go to Squidoo. 
Just give a vote, and the charity will get $2.  $80,000 will be given away by the 15th of this month, if 40,000 people vote.  So what are you waiting for?  Notice that March of Dimes and La Leche League are on there, too.  You can only pick one, though! I think you can add a charity, but I haven’t researched that.

Another place to click and give is at The Hunger Site.  You can click for child health, breast cancer awareness, literacy, animal rescue, and rainforests as well as hunger.  GiveSpot also has a list of click-to-give sites.  A wonderful concept in our shrinking yet overly busy world.

We can all do good little by little.  There’s no time like the present, and what a gift it is.

Thanks to my hubby for finding this one for me!

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