Back on Track

When we expend a lot of energy on any given tasks, it takes a while to recuperate.  So, it makes sense after any given event that we should build recovery time into our schedules.  This week when I can’t remember anything and my tolerance is nil, thank heavens that my calendar has been relatively slack.

I’m motivated now to get lots accomplished.  I have that sense that I need to be doing much — preferably that which pays, but I seemed destined to be a professional volunteer.  Today at Target I
found a lovely accordion file that I think will fit in my
diaper/laptop/purse bag.  In it I hope to house all my concurrent
projects without them falling out of their file folders.  Why do
scenic_route.jpg I hope
that 13 sections is enough?  Borderline obsessively organized, maybe,
but it’s good to keep everything corralled.

We all have our quirks and our individual journeys.  Going off-road to put all our energy into special projects is like taking the scenic route.  By the end of the trip, everything may get all wild and hairy, but when it’s time to get back on the highway, we’ll find our groove again.

May we be so blessed to take the scenic route more often.

(photo from by

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