Clay Day

claybowl.jpgWe still need to fire our kiln, so I’m working to help fill it up.  What better way than with a huge bowl?  After the Cherokee Holiday, I’ve been wanting to try hand building with coils, so here’s my first go at a large piece.  Bumpy.  Imperfect.  Good enough for me!  My hubby fears it will take forever to dry, but it sat in the autumn sun yesterday and got a good start.

I also want to work more with slab pieces, so here’s another go at a different piece.  It’s to be a gift, so hopefully it will turn out, too.  I pressed some freshleaf_vase1.jpg maple leaves onto the top (the leaves are still in place for the photo but peeled off fine after drying a bit), and the impressions turned out well.  I’ll probably wax-resist them before glazing to preserve the detail.

I am very much still in the learning process, and I’ve given up that practice makes perfect.  Better to tell the kids (and myself) that practice makes it better.

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