Outdoor Oven Cinnamon Rolls

You better believe it!  Using King Arthur’s cinnamon roll recipe and my husband’s wood-fired oven, our family and a friend enjoyed some delicious morning goodness.  It’s a treat we hope to have after every pizza night!

cinnamon_rolls1.jpgFollowing the recipe, I mixed the dough using our bread machine, rolled it out and then spread the filling.  I rolled it up gently and sealed the edge with milk.  Using a sharp serrated knife, I gently saw through the roll, making about 1 1/2 inch portions.


I placed all the rolls into a greased 9×13 pan.  Wouldn’t you know I ended up with 15?

Yes, this is my dashing hubby and his backyard joy.  The oven is still about 375 degrees F. from making pizza the night before.  Summer helps keep the oven warmer.  In with the cinnamon rolls.  The door seals the opening.


Baking in this kind of oven is a lot of guess work for us as we’re still learning, but we’re guessing these are

just right.


This is not a low-fat recipe; it is good for the soul, though.  The icing recipe is included on the site.  The kids always look for the one with the most icing.


Now that’s a happy crew after being oh-so-patient waiting for their breakfast.  They all said it was worth the wait.

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