Parenting that Works Like Magic


Some days are better than others, of course, but most of the time we’re left questioning whether we’re doing the right thing, whether we’re setting ourselves and our kids up for years of therapy, or whether it really makes a difference at all what we do.

Fortunately I found a wonderful resource in our town called Pages of Parenting, and the proprietor there is an incredibly knowledgeable woman.  She encourages the 1-2-3-Magic method of discipline, but even more highly recommends Connection Parenting.  She said parents usually move from 1-2-3 to Love and Logic and then to Connection Parenting.  It’s another evolutionary process.  Imagine that.

There are books and self-helps galore, and I value tremendously having experts sort through the rough for me.  I barely have time to feel like a good parent, let alone BE a good parent.  So far the Magic method is working wonders for us.  In a few months we’ll study up on Love and Logic; or maybe we’ll go straight to Connection Parenting.

Either way, I feel we’re evolving as parents, becoming more loving and kind.  There’s a lot less yelling in our house, that’s for sure — at least on the parent side!  Parenting involves discipline, which to me is about setting boundaries for the kids, teaching them what is acceptable and what isn’t.  When they truly think about it (even if that’s not until years from now), the kids will know we are being loving and truthful with them. 

When it comes to making our world a better place, I think being a truly loving parent and person makes all the difference.

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