Cereal Box –> Gift Box

giftBox081908_1.jpgI haven’t tried this yet, but for all the pottery we’ll be doing for Christmas, I figure we better start saving boxes now!  You have to know we go through lots of cereal with four kids!

Also, Make Magazine is one of my hubby’s faves.  Give it a look.  You might like it, too!

View the instructable here from Instructables.com, another very inspiring site!

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  1. I finally got to make my own tonight — two, actually.
    1) My boxes were smaller, thus I ended up with boxes only slightly larger than the boxes checks are stored in. So, if you plan to use these for scarves (like I did), have a back-up plan. đŸ˜‰
    2) The only step I think was left out was that the inner flaps had to be trimmed on the boxes I made. Otherwise, excellent and very easy to follow instructable.
    Bonus: I used a Puffins cereal box, and in the bottom of the box you can see the penguin head. Gotta love that!