Maternal Lit.

Obviously writing is one of those things I just do, but this craft/trade/hobby/talent is not mine alone.  For those of you who share my passion or maybe are just venturing into the realm, I thought on this craf-t day I would provide some links to some literary mags specifically designed and provided for moms like us.

  • Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine (not a terribly original name, but self-explanatory!)
  • Literary Mama — I subscribe to their e-zine and have for years now
  • HipMama
  • Brain, Child — They’ve redesigned their site since last I went there.  Probably a great zine for my fellow brilliant mamas
  • TheMomCrowd posted about literary magazines, too.  I thought the site was nice, so take a visit to see her comments about a couple of other sites I’ve not listed here.

Now, to actually submit some work to them.

* * *

Pick me!  I took a bold step and have my site up for nominations under Best Parenting and Hottest Mommy  Blogger for a Blogger’s Choice award.  The more votes I have, the closer my site is to page 1, and the more likely I am to reach other women who might have something to share.  Pass along my site to your friends, and we’ll see what happens!

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