Homemade Cherry Pie

I’m not talking about canned* pie filling, either! 

My husband blessed me this year with a cherry pitter, and I couldn’t be more appreciative!  These cherries were picked from our aging tree out back and stored in the fridge for about a week.  My youngest sat beside me (practically in the sink) while I stood there for half an hour pitting cherries — much better than two hours using a knife!  I had been asked to make the pie sweeter this year, so I went ahead and tossed in some sugar with the cherries while they waited to become filling.


A few days later, I’m ready to make a pie, hubby having guests over and all.  So I rely on Betty Crocker’s cherry pie recipe.  I blend up a double pie crust.

Roll it out.

Use a pizza cutter to cut the top crust into strips.

Pour in the filling and top with a lattice pattern.  You can see the dots of butter under the crust.  Yep, this isn’t a low-cal pie!

We baked, cooled and enjoyed, especially served warm with some vanilla ice cream.  That’s what the end of summer is all about.  I should have taken photos of the blueberry pie I made two weeks ago!  That one didn’t last long, either!

cherry_pie6.jpg*It should probably be noted for those of you who are only used to canned cherries that wild cherries have a tougher skin.  I think it makes it more hearty, but for some it takes some getting used to, right, dear?

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